After the vote

How are the election results announced?

Advise the board chair of the results. You must follow this up in writing to the board.

Arrange with the board chair at an early stage of the elections who will advise (by telephone if possible) the candidates of the results.

The board chair should contact the successful candidates and you could contact the unsuccessful ones.

We recommend the unsuccessful candidates are contacted first before the newly elected trustees.

Promptly publicise the result by displaying a notice or notices at the school. Give the principal a copy of that notice.

Immediately after that, publish the results in a newspaper that circulates in the school’s area. Use the format set out in the Returning Officers’ Handbook 2019-2022, and include individual totals for all candidates, and the total number of invalid votes.

Publish the result in the next school newsletter.

Make sure you complete the relevant appendices online. This is an important component of the final step in the process.

Submitting the appendices prompts the Ministry of Education to pay the final 30% of the election funding for those boards whose election went to a vote.


What do I send to the District Court?

Until the election result is announced you must keep all voting papers in your custody.

As soon as possible after declaring the result you must seal up the voting papers including invalid votes and a copy of the electoral roll, tie the parcel with string, clearly label with your school’s name and take to the nearest district court registrar.


When does the former board step down?

The former board steps down on the day the results are declared, which is the day before the new board takes office.

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