Changing the number of parent trustees

Listed below are a number of useful key points to consider before changing the number of parent representative positions on your board:
Note: You cannot change the number of parent trustees if you have already appointed your returning officer and therefore started the process for triennial or midterm elections.

  • Changing the number of parent trustees must be done by board resolution at a meeting open to the public. It must be recorded in the board's minutes.
  • You must follow legal procedure to change the number of trustees on your board
  • You can have between three and seven parent representatives
  • You first need to take all reasonable steps to ensure parents are aware of your intention to change the number of parent trustees. Parents must have reasonable notice of the board meeting time, day and venue at which you intend making a decision. They must also understand they have a right to attend that meeting 
  • You need to let the Ministry of Education's Data Management Unit know when you have altered the number of parent representative positions on your board. Contact the Data Management Unit, Ministry of Education, PO Box 1666, Thorndon, Wellington or email
  • Send this message to the Data Collection Unit: "The board of trustees of XX school (insert school profile number here) resolved at a meeting on (insert date here) to exercise its discretion under section 94B of the Education Act, 1989 to alter the number of parent representatives to (insert the relevant number here). Please ensure the necessary changes are made to the Ministry of Education's information system, which records the number of parents on our board." 
  • Let NZSTA know by emailing the NZSTA database administrator.
  • If your board decides to increase the number of parent representatives, you will create casual vacancies that have to be filled by holding a by-election (the board cannot make selections). However, in the six months before the triennial elections, a by-election need not be held, and the vacancies can be filled in the triennial election process 
  • Boards that decide to reduce the number of parent representatives need to call for nominations for the reduced number of vacancies at the triennial elections 
  • Be aware other technical issues may arise relating to the place of co-opted or appointed trustees as a result of any change to the number of parent representatives 
  • Be sure to contact NZSTA's Advisory and Support Centre on 0800 782 435 (option 1) or email
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