Student trustee elections

Boards of state and state-integrated schools with students above Year 9 must hold a student trustee election in September each year (unless they have an approved alternative constitution that does not require one).

Whatever date the board chooses, it must appoint a Returning Officer (RO) to manage the election process at least 37 days before the election date.

Once appointed, the RO should use the election planner tool below to generate a timetable of events for the election.

How Boards can help promote participation and awareness:

Boards play an important role in promoting participation in the Student Trustee Elections -  standing for election or voting for their Student Trustee representative is often the first real experience young people have of participating in a democratic process – encourage them to use their vote well!

As well as providing support to Returning Officers to run the student representative elections, NZSTA also helps boards promote the elections in their school by providing a range of free promotional resources, including videos, posters, social media posts and newsletter notices.

You can access these resources here.

Recommended 2020 Student Election Date

The recommended election date for the 2020 student elections is Friday 18 September 2020. For schools using this election date the table below shows the key dates that must be met. For all other student election dates use the election planner tool below.

School Trustee Calendar

Election planner tool for 2020 Student Elections

To use this election planner tool, simply put in the date of your student election (or by-election if being held prior to 1 Sept 2020) and the table will populate with all the key dates for your election.

Event Date
Fix Election Date by Now
Select Returning Officer by Now
Close Main Roll  
Call for Nominations by  
Close Supplementary Roll  
Nominations Close  
Voting Papers Issued by  
Election Day
Count Votes  
Board Takes Office  
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