Kōrari Promotional Material

Resources to promote the Kōrari Programme  

NZSTA hosts a series of Kōrari workshops throughout New Zealand to help people understand the role of school trustees and inspire them to get involved – either by standing for election or voting in the mid-terms.

We’ve got a range of promotional resources and information to help promote Kōrari below. 

Kōrari Promotional Flyer

Korari Poster Feb '20

Kōrari Promotional Video

Watch and download our Kōrari Promotional video here.


Kōrari Learning Module Video

Watch and download our Kōrari Learning Module video here


Kōrari Registration Form

Register for the Kōrari courses by filling out the Kōrari programme form. Click on the image below to complete the form.

Korari Programme Image


Community Member Guide

View our Community member guide to the role of the board of trustees for more information and advice on what you can expect from a board of trustees.


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