Changing the number of parent trustees

All boards have five parent representative positions unless:

  • The board has decided to officially change its number of parent representative positions to no fewer than three or no more than seven (i.e. altered its constitution)
  • The board has an alternative constitution which has been approved by the minister and gazetted

It is very useful for the board to have a board member register with up to date details of all trustees, what type of trustee they are, when they came on to the board, and when their term in office ends. It is also a good idea for each board member to have a record of these details.

Changing the number of parent trustees is quite a straightforward process that involves "altering the board’s constitution".

Be sure to contact NZSTA's Advisory and Support Centre on 0800 782 435 (option 1) or email for advice. This will help the board make an informed decision.

Key points about the process

The board:

  • can change the number of parent trustee positions (on its board) to no fewer than 3 and no more than 7 (Note: this cannot be done if the board has already started the process for triennial or mid-term elections)
  • must make its decision to change the number of parent trustees by board resolution (decision) at a meeting open to the public. This decision must be recorded in the meeting minutes.
  • must notify its school community of the meeting where it is going to decide whether or not to change its constitution. They have the right to attend.

After the board has changed its constitution

A board must then:

  • Update the board member register with details of the decision
  • Notify the Ministry of Education and NZSTA so they can update their records.
    • Ministry of Education email:
    • NZSTA email:
    • You can use this suggested wording:
      "The XX school board (insert school profile number here) resolved at a meeting on (insert date here) to alter the number of parent representatives on its board to (insert number).

For more information

Refer to the Education and Training Act 2020, section 121.

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