Time to vote

You should have received a voting form from your school in the post by now. If you haven’t, make sure you contact the school and ask for a copy. All parents and caregivers of children who attend school can vote for trustees at that school.

There are some specific rules about voting, so make sure you read the next section carefully to ensure your vote is valid.

How to vote:

  1. Learn about the candidates from the statements that will be included with your voting papers.
  2. Mark on the voting form who you wish to vote for. Don’t vote for more candidates than there are positions otherwise your vote will be invalid.
  3. Place your voting form in the return envelope provided. There must only be one voting form per envelope. If more than one voting form is returned in the same envelope they will both become invalid.
  4. Post your completed voting form to your school. Voting forms must be posted no later than the election date.  You can also drop the voting form to your school office in person. 


Finding out about the newly elected school trustees

You will find out who your local school trustees are from the school newsletter or school notices. This information is usually available 1-2 weeks after the election date.

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