School trustee experiences


Becoming a school trustee

Becoming a school trustee for all children

Meet Frian, she shares with us her experience in encouraging inclusion for all children at a governance and management level and how rewarding the trustee role has been for her. 

"The experience has also given me an opportunity to network with other trustees at conferences, workshops and events, and highlighted to me the strengths and challenges of self-governing schools." 

Read her school trustee experience here.

Getting involved

Getting involved in my kids' education

Amanda shares the challenges and accomplishments they faced as a board and the important responsibility they had as a collective.

"If you want to be a part of your children’s education, become a trustee. You’ll be part of a school community and you’ll get a good understanding of your school and the work. I’ve learnt that you play just a big role in your child’s education as the teachers. Don’t be afraid that you might not have the right skills."

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Give it a go

Give it a go, become a school trustee

Peter's message to people who are interested in becoming a trustee is to give it a go. "As a trustee, you develop new skills that you can use to benefit schools and community and use in other aspects of your life."

Read Peter's school trustee experience here. 

Giving back

Giving back to the school educating my children

Roly has been on his local school board for the past 6 years. He says that being a school trustee is a big role but a very important one when it comes to your children's education. 

"I wanted to give back to the school educating my children. As a trustee, you build new relationships and you learn a lot about the school, governance and yourself."

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Passionate about making a difference

In the last 12 years, Heather has been on three schools boards and says that the experience has been so rewarding. She shares how fulfilling it has been to know that she's making a difference for the school. Not only as a trustee does she see the school flourish and grow, but she says she has, "gained a lot from being on a school board, such as negotiation, time management skills and being an effective leader."

Read Heather's school trustee experience here.

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