Step 6 - Declaration of Results


- When you are satisfied the totals are correct you must declare the final result on:

09/06/2016 (or ../../201x)

This is done by:

Refer page 20 for more details of these forms

- Dispatch of papers to District Courts

After declaring the result of an election, all sets of voting papers, including invalid votes and copies of all electoral rolls should be sent to the registrar of the nearest District Court with the school name stated on the outside of the parcel.

Court registrars have asked that voting papers be securely wrapped and tied with string.


(Insert school name) School

Board of Trustees' Election

Declaration of Parent and Staff Election Results


Parent representatives votes:

Benson, Albert 74

Ngan, Peter 87

Dean, Jane 82

Francis, Alan 114

Knight, Martin 61

Robinson, Paula 103

Te Pou, Matiu 86

Watene, Lyn 69

Invalid Votes 14

I hereby declare the following duly elected.

Jane Dean, Alan Francis, Peter Ngan, Paula Robinson, Matiu Te Pou


Staff representative votes:

Dunbar, Jane 13

Morgan, Ray 7

Invalid Votes 14

I hereby declare Jane Dunbar duly elected.


(insert name)

Returning Officer

Challenge to elections

If the result of an election or the integrity of the electoral process is challenged or called into question, you should immediately notify the nearest office of the Ministry of Education of the nature of the challenge.


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