Staggered (Mid-term) Elections

The mid-term election option for boards was introduced through the Education Amendment Act 2000. This provision enables a board to have half the number of its parent representatives elected in a triennial election year and the remainder at a mid-term election 18 months later.

Note: the greater number of trustees always go out of office on a triennial election year. For boards with five trustees, three go out of office in an election year, and two go out of office at a mid-term election.

NZSTA in partnership with the Ministry of Education is assisting boards who participate in mid-term elections. Information will be sent directly to those boards who have decided to be part of this cycle.

The key dates for boards using the regular election date of the mid-term elections can be calculated by using the election planner tool.

Information for returning officers can be accessed at the Trustee Elections website. A returning officer login is required. 
Note: Nomination and voting forms for use in the mid-term elections are Forms 1 and 5. 


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