Election Planning

Election Planning is used by boards to organise their schools' trustee election campaigns, to ensure the elections are run well, and the most is made of the opportunity to involve your community.  To assist with the election planning process we have a number of board resources available.

Remember, the school trustee elections involve everyone - people from throughout the community, including parents who can be school trustees, with this planner providing practical help for boards to run a successful election. The planner's primary use is in providing ideas on how to attract enthusiasm and support, as well as giving you clear guidelines for the formal steps involved.

Please view the above documents and use the Fixing the Election Date tool below. 


  1. By entering the Election date below, all other dates will automatically calculate 
  2. Student elections must be held on a day in September
  3. Mid-term elections must be held 18 months after the month in which voting closed for the board’s triennial election last year.


Election Planner Tool

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