Election Forms and Appendices

The following Election Forms and Appendices are used by boards to assist them in preparing documentation associated with Trustee Elections.

Note: Downloadable versions of the documents are available in the Returning Officers section (N.B: Returning Officers must have registered and be logged in to access)

Election forms

Eligibility attestation (pdf) for Board Co-option, or Selection to a Casual Vacancy

Form 1 - Standard Election Nomination form

Form 2 - Opting into staggered (mid-term) Election Cycle Nomination paper (Triennial Election Year only)

Form 3 - Te Reo Maori Translation of Standard Nomination paper

Form 4 - Te Reo Maori Standard Voting paper

Form 5 - Parent Representatives Voting paper

Form 6 - Parent Representatives Voting paper (opting into staggered (mid-term) election cycle in a triennial election year)

Form 7 - Staff Representative Voting paper

Form 8 - Student Representative Voting paper

Form 9 - Combined Board of Trustees Election Parent Representative Voting paper

Form 10 - Te Reo Maori Translation of Staff Representative Voting paper

Form 11 - Te Reo Maori Translation of Student Representative Voting paper


Candidates and Elections Results – Appendix 1 (you must be logged in as a Returning Officer to access this form).

After the election, Appendix 1 must be used by the Returning Officer to submit the Candidate and Election Results of School Trustee Elections to the Ministry of Education.

Change in Membership of Board of TrusteesAppendix 2

This online form is to be completed for every new trustee that takes office following any parent, staff or student election; any parent, staff or student by-election, any selection to a casual vacancy of a parent trustee, any co-option, and when there is a change in principal or chair.  

Note: The form does not have to be completed for re-elected trustees, unless their status has changed e.g. a trustee becomes Chair, or a Chair reverts to being a trustee.

The form should be completed and submitted online, if possible within one week of the declaration of election results, the selection to a casual vacancy or a co-option.


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